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What are the battery levels and its range?


The battery level indicator has 5 lights which show the level of charge. When the battery is switched on and connected to the bike the battery indicator will be illuminated.

  • Flashing - 10% or less
  • 1 - 10-27%
  • 2 - 28-47%
  • 3 - 48-66%
  • 4 - 67-85%
  • 5 - 86-100%

The battery range is typically 30km to 70km (~20mi to ~45mi), this can be affected by several factors:


The higher the assistance mode the more battery power is used; to improve the battery range, lower the assistance mode where possible.


Keeping your tyres properly inflated will reduce the rolling resistance of the bike. This will mean that both the rider and the electric assist need to use less energy, this will improve the battery range in comparison to under-inflated tyres.


Routes which require you to start and stop often (such as city riding with lots of junctions) will use more battery power than routes with more continuous riding.


If riding into a headwind, a greater amount of power will be needed to maintain the same speed. Similarly, a tailwind will reduce the amount of power used.

CADENCE (pedal rotations)

The system will work with a wide cadence range, very low cadences will force the motor to work harder and use more power; try using different gears to alter your cadence and find what works best for you.


The efficiency of the battery will reduce at low temperatures, so you might experience improved range in the summer compared to the winter. The optimum operating temperature is around 20 degrees Celsius.


Riding uphill will use more power and reduce the range, riding downhill will use less power.


The weight of the rider and luggage will affect the battery range, decreasing the load by carrying fewer nonessential items of luggage will allow you to improve the battery range.

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  • My Brompton Electric was one of the first delivered . Today, having charged the battery to max I rode around the city on business, covering 15 miles, on max assist. For the last 3 miles the battery was showing 2 lights, 28 to 47 %. I’m sure I used to get more from the battery. Is it dying?


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