Electric C Line

Understanding The Power Modes Of The Brompton Electric C Line


As a Pedelec motor, the motor only provides assistance when pedaling. In the EU these bikes are limited to 15MPH or 25kmph, therefore reaching a speed beyond this, the motor will automatically switch off and the clutch will disconnect, whilst the bike is still ridable, it will be powered through rider power only, with no motor assistance. When your speed returns to below this speed, the motor will automatically reactivate. 

The bike will automatically monitor certain factors of the bike per second, including torque and cadence and ride mode to give a smooth and natural ride. 

Brompton Electric C Line functions in 4 modes, each provides a different level of assistance and battery range.

  • Mode 0 - Provides no motor assistance (the lights will still work). The clutch will also disconnect automatically to allow the wheel to roll with minimal resistance. In this mode, the bike will be the same as riding a standard Brompton. You will hear a low, steady buzzing noise from the motor in this mode. 
  • Mode 1 - Provides minimal motor assistance. Most of the power the bikes receive is from the rider. There will be a low whine noise from the motor. When riding uphill or pulling away from traffic, the motor will give the rider a small boost to get the bike up to speed. 
  • Mode 2 -  Recommended mode for most riders. It provides a good balance between power coming from the motor and rider input, this makes it great for rolling terrain, light headwinds, and use in traffic. It provides a strong boost when setting off and more regular assistance when climbing hills. This will give a good balance, between power assistance and battery range.
  • Mode 3 - Provides the most power. This is the perfect mode for hiller terrain, strong headwinds, and less energetic riders. the motor can be felt, offering more power than the riders peddling input, making climbing hills relatively easy. The motor will operate continuously while pedalling, however, the battery range will be the lowest of all modes. 

Further information regarding the Electric System can be found here

Please note that if you are unfamiliar with riding a Brompton Electric C Line you may experience a period of adaptation to get used to the different riding modes.

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