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Can I take my Brompton Electric C Line on trains, buses and airplanes?


Brompton Electric C Line is designed to be taken on the train, underground, bus, and cars; just like our C Line model.* 

The Brompton Electric C Line battery is considered a class 9 hazardous good when shipped with a Brompton Electric C Line bicycle or as a standalone battery because the battery’s energy density of 300Wh exceeds the 160Wh power permitted. Due to this, there are strict regulations and restrictions in the travel and shipment of the battery on commercial vehicles.  



If you need to take your Brompton Electric on a train or other forms of transport; please check with the service provider before you travel for advice on any restrictions on the transportation of lithium batteries. It is not permissible to take the battery on a commercial aircraft. 

Batteries must not be shipped without special packaging and labelling by a forwarding agency or package service. One of the documents that may be requested from you is the products Material Safety Data Sheet that allows all parties handling the product to understand what it contains.  

You may be able to acquire the correct packaging from your local Brompton Electric C Line retailer. It is advisable that this is requested ahead of your intended shipment date as the retailer may need to first acquire the packaging from Brompton. 

The BMZ Battery Material Safety Data Sheet can be found here.


If you have any doubts at all, in regard to the shipment of Lithium-Ion batteries, please contact the shipping provider.  

Disclaimer *The individual transport operators’ rules will apply. E.g. some operators may require the folded bicycle to be covered. Our bike cover with integrated pouch is designed for exactly this.



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  • Brompton should have battery rental in the country where have a Brompton dealer. If there is no such services, Electric Brompton is only good in the country which user have purchased from.


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