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How do I buy a Brompton in a country without a distributor or retailers?


Brompton distributes to many partners across 45 countries; however, we are unable to ship to a country where we do not have accredited retailers or distributors. This is because all bicycles will require occasional servicing which will need to be carried out by an accredited retailer.

All Brompton retailers can be found on our retailer locator form here.

As stated in the Brompton warranty terms and conditions:

- The warranty is only valid within the country in which the bicycle was purchased.

- Bikes exported from one country to another will be supported, within the warranty period, by the free issue of parts from the factory, where necessary. However, the Brompton distributor or dealer in the new country will normally charge for the labour required to undertake warranty repairs, and for any import duty levied on the free-issued parts.

Full terms and conditions can be found here.

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