Electric C Line

Electric C Line, what options are available?


Brompton Electric C Line is available in two handlebar types and two gearing options.

Handlebar types

  • Mid handlebar: Riser profile. Neutral/relaxed ride position for average to tall riders. A more sit-up position for shorter riders.
  • High handlebar: Riser profile with a stem (for extra height). Neutral ride position for taller riders. Upright for small or average height owners – similar in style to a traditional Dutch bike.

Gearing options

  • 2-speed: A simpler setup that's lower in weight and easier to carry.
  • 6-speed: Wider range of gears, ideal for hillier areas and longer rides.

These models are available in 4 colour options: Flame Lacquer, Gloss Black, Turkish Green and Black Lacquer.

View specifications and pricing

Further information regarding the Brompton range and options can be found here.

All Brompton C Line models available can be purchased here.

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