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What is the maximum/minimum rider height?


We offer three different seat post options, for riders ranging from 140cm to 203cm (4’7 to 6’8). Height compatibility for the bike is determined by the rider's inside-leg measurement.

  • Standard seat post: Inside-leg measurement between 66cm – 83cm (26inches – 33inches).
  • Extended seat post: Inside-leg measurement between 66cm – 89cm (26inches – 35 inches).
  • Telescopic seat post: Inside-leg measurement between 66cm – 99cm (26 inches – 39 inches).

We also offer the saddle height insert, which can be used to help riders who need a shorter seatpost length than standard. 

Additionally, the saddle can be moved forward or back over a range of approximately 10cm (4inches).  

Videos on how to adjust the saddle height, pentaclip and how to use the saddle height insert can be seen here.  

Taller riders may also want to consider the High handlebar, which at 1072mm offer the highest grip height.

Further information regarding the Brompton range can be found here.

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