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How much do Bromptons weight?


Depending on the model of the bike and its configuration, the weight of the Brompton can range from 9.9kg to 13kg for a C Line model and 14.4kg to 15.6kg, plus the 2.9kg battery, for a C Line Electric.

Our P Line bikes which are built with lightweight titanium parts have a weight reduction of approximately 1.55 kg compared to the equivalent all-steel model.

Titanium is lighter and slightly more flexible. The weight saving is particularly appealing if you expect to carry the bike regularly and the slight flexibility in the frame makes it more comfortable over longer journeys.

Here are the weighs to our key model types:

  • Brompton A Line: The folding bike with a one-size-fits-all spec. - 11.5kg
  • Brompton C Line: The classic all-steel folding bike. 11.2kg - 13kg
  • Brompton P Line: Performance. The lightweight transformation. 9.89kg - 10.19kg
  • Brompton Electric C Line: The classic all-steel folding bike, supercharged. 15.4kg – 15.6kg

All available models can be purchased here.


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