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P Line Wheel Nut Corrective Action


Why do I need to change the nut?

During our quality control we identified that the old design of the front wheel nut does not run all the way to the top of the part which in certain circumstances the front wheel skewer nut thread can become partially or full stripped.

For these reason, we decided to redesign the nut and replace it on all the P line bikes affected.  


How can I know if my bike is affected?

If the serial number of your Brompton P Line is lower than 2203113405, your bike may be affected. A further visual check can be carried out without removing the front wheel nut, please check out the video below:

P Line Wheel Nut Replacement - YouTube

To know if your bicycle is affected, we kindly ask you to visit the link below and enter your bike’s serial number* and country of residence.

The bike serial number is located on the ID plate at the back of the main frame seat tube.


Where can I do the upgrade?

If you are based in UK, USA Germany, Netherlands, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Republic of Ireland or Belgium, we will post the kit directly to you. We kindly ask you to visit the link below and enter your bike serial number and country of residence.

Once you have done that, we will email you a link to our website and a checkout code, so you can order your kit and choose where to have it delivered.


Alternatively, you can visit a P Line Brompton retailer if you are not based in one of the territories mentioned above or prefer getting this upgrade performed by an authorised retailer.  

We are supplying all Brompton Junction stores and P Line Brompton accredited retailers with stock to perform this update

You can get the upgrade done by booking an appointment with your local Brompton Junction or P Line accredited retailer. Some retailers are still operating on an appointment basis, and we kindly recommend you contact the store in advance to arrange an appointment. The list of all Brompton retailers can be found here.

Please note that while stock may not be available to perform this upgrade immediately, we will be providing further stock to ensure that all Brompton P Line customers can benefit from this upgrade.

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